A mountain, a waterfall, a rainbow and a river, all are products of nature, all are producers of tremendous power and beauty. These phenomenal creations have been subjects of artists, and photographers for as long as the existence of cameras and paint.
My painting above is titled “Nature’s Beauty”. It is an attempt to capture the majestic view provided by a waterfall flowing from the mountain tops. Water churns and froths as it crashes below causing a misty rainbow to appear as the water pours into a mountain river and travels on to another falls.
My intent of this painting is to provide a hint of the natural power and beauty of such a scene. My desire is to inspire the viewer’s imagination to allow them to vicariously experience the display  of this performance of nature’s beauty and power.

Please take a look at the “Interest-And-Influence-Photos” page  where Thomas Moran's painting "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Park"  is featured. It is a great example of how a master artist like Moran uses colors and contrast to attract the viewer and draw them into the scene.

As announced last month, the above painting titled  “Annapolis Snow Day” was selected from close to 300 entries to be included in the Mitchell Art Gallery’s Exhibit “Image and Imagination”. The exhibit runs to June 9, 2019.  

I want to thank Lulen Walker, Judge of  the  Image and Imagination exhibit at Mitchell Gallery, St. John’s College for her recognition and kind comments about Annapolis Snow Day.

She observed that “The scope of Image & Imagination includes works that fall within four basic genres: landscape or nature, still-life, portraiture or figural, and abstraction. These are presented in a wide variety of media and artistic perspectives. It’s a great opportunity to see how varied approaches interact with one another revealing multiple layers of perception, effectively channeling a visual dialog.”

She went on to say “Among the many lovely landscape views, Rick Schimpf’s Annapolis Snow Day uses perspective to effectively draw the eye towards the steeple of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in the heart of Annapolis. This has appeal for locals and visitors alike”.

Additionally, I want to thank all of those associated with the exhibit for the opportunity to display the painting and the exposure it was given by inclusion in the picture post cards used to promote the exhibit.

Mitchell’s Art Gallery is part of St John’s College in Annapolis, MD. The address is: 60 College Ave, Annapolis MD 21401. Additional information can be found at https://www.sjc.edu/annapolis/mitchell-gallery/exhibits-and-programs.

 The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County has selected “Stretch Run” a painting inspired by the 2018 Preakness in Baltimore, MD for the BWI Thurgood Marshall Exhibit 25, titled“Movement”. The show officially opened  March 18, 2019 and will run until July 17, 2019. The exhibit is located at BWI airport between concords “C” and “D”.

"Stretch Run" is shown below.

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