This painting titled "Beach Reflections",  is based on a photograph I found on the Internet. The actual scene was cluttered by stores, roadway traffic, and parked cars. I removed the clutter by increasing the beach size and added people enjoying the beach.

The challenge of this painting to me was the reflected view of the beach on the windows of the building (presumably a hotel). The window reflections in the photo start in the middle and consume the entire left side of the picture. The shear curtains visible in the closest window (left foreground) is another interesting aspect of this photo that I tried to replicate in the painting. The curtains are vertical. However, the folds are unevenly spaced and perhaps because of the light reflections appear curved at certain points. The impact is that the reflections may give the impression of the widow being curved.

Reflections are very interesting to me. The actual object being reflected in water, a mirror, or in this case glass windows often change in shape, color and location in the reflection because of angle and light. At times, distortion will be seen in reflections because of items reflected within a reflection.

In addition to my attempt at capturing the reflected beach in an interesting way, I hope that the painting can give you pause and reflection on the summer months that as always go by too fast. The year of 2020 has been a challenge for us all. Hopefully, there were occasions of hope and fun shared with friends, family, and loved ones, that you can reflect on as we strive to not just survive but overcome and excel as we work through this pandemic year.

Exhibit Information

 The painting above titled "Snow Moon" is currently on display at the BWI airport as part of the The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County (ACAAC) exhibit "All Things Small and Big". The exhibit is located between departure concourses "C" and "D". The exhibits runs to November 16, 2020.

"Snow Moon" is also included in an ACAAC online exhibit along with five other paintings shown below. The exhibit is an on-going exhibit that features a different artist each week. In addition to "Snow Moon", the paintings shown below starting at the top left are: "Snow Moon", "Dispersion of Light", "Buddies", "Severn Tranquility", "View From Behind The Waterfall", and "Rails To The Sun". I'd like to thank ACAAC for their support by this exhibit. To view not only my paintings but also several other featured artists go to "", scroll to and click on "Exhibits", and then scroll to "Virtual Art Gallery" and click on featured artist exhibit. 

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