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Harbor Lake Park

To my knowledge, Harbor Lake Park doesn’t exist except in my imagination. I wanted to do a snow scene that might be found in or around a city or town. I created the painting by use of reference photos and imagining a view of a snowy park entrance lit by street lamps giving the snow a rosy glow as dusk settles upon the park.

Perhaps you can see yourself about to enter the park with sled in tow and much anticipation of many exciting sleighrides through the park – and if you are really daring – sliding right out onto the frozen lake.

Although the painting may not be of an existing park, it is my hope that it may provide you fond memories of having fun in the snow - be it at a local park, or a favorite hill just perfect for sleigh riding.

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My goal for this painting was to produce a painting that was relaxing and pleasing to view. I used several references while selecting the sky from one reference photo, the treed mountains from another, the stream, waterfalls and river from yet another.
I titled the painting “Serenity”. The word serenity is of Latin origin and means “peaceful”, a feeling that I hope the painting suggests.
As I researched several words for the title, I found that in addition to the Latin root meaning, serenity has been linked to methods used to deal with anxiety, to seek peace and understanding, and the suggestion that if we were more grateful for what we have, we might be rewarded with more.
That got me to thinking. Perhaps if we were to take an honest look around us and see good as well as bad (real and perceived), possibly we could be more grateful for the good that we have, and be open-minded to recognize real problems and sensible solutions for them.
Unlike governmental political paralysis, my belief is that God provides answers every time we ask for his help. However, we must then be willing to accept, understand, and act upon the answers given. Problem solving is not mystical or magical. It’s taking responsibility, having faith, being strong in every way, and having the disposition to do the very hard work required.
I hope that my painting is an example of the beauties of which we are blessed. Perhaps if we can see and give thanks for what we have, our attentions can be focused on building upon our blessings, and with God’s help, our problems can be wisely addressed and reasonably resolved.

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