The above painting is titled "Monet Sunrise".

Art critic Louis Leroy (1812-1885) used a painting titled "Impression, Sunrise" by Claude Monet in the headline of his April 25, 1874 dismissive review entitled "The Exhibition of the Impressionists". By doing so, he unwittingly was responsible for naming the world's most popular style of modern art - a style adopted by modern artists around the globe. Monet went on to became the recognized leader of the Impressionism movement.

I’ve read a variety of definitions of Impressionism. For me, the best description is that it is a method used to paint what and how the painter sees and interprets a scene. The painting is the painter’s impression. It is the painter’s visual perception of the topic of the painting.

I titled my painting “Monet Sunrise”. It is based on an unnamed painting by Claude Monet dated 1866. I could not find any information about this painting other than it was grouped with several other Monet paintings featuring a glowing sun. The painting I used for reference was signed and dated but it may not have been finished. It is very hazy, primarily blue shades and soft vague shapes. The sun however, was a bold round shape and orange colored, as was the reflection color of the sun in the water.

I used the painting for reference and interpreted the scene as I thought it might appear with a colorful palette. I know I’m far from the class of a master like Monet. Nevertheless, being able to reference paintings of the masters provides an enjoyable learning experience.

It is my hope that you found the narrative about Louis Leroy, Claude Monet, and the beginnings of the Impressionist movement to be interesting and that this painting provides pleasing viewing for you.

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