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Road Trip

Numerous timber-covered bridges were built in the U.S and Canada in the late 1700s to the late 1800s. The designs were reminiscent of earlier German and Switzerland designs. The original reason for the cover was to protect the trusses and decks from harsh weather to prevent or delay deterioration.

While painting this scene I began to realize how great a structural achievement a bridge of this type was considering the available material, technology, and era when they were built. When driving through a covered bridge, the driver and passengers have the opportunity to observe the inner structure of the bridge as well as look forward to the scenery ahead. Painting the numerous beams, posts, struts, rafters, along with the strategic placement of each was a challenge and led me to have great respect for the engineering required to build a safe and lasting bridge of this type. I hope I was able to convey that observation in my painting.

Newer technology and material have resulted in the replacement of covered bridges on the newer high-speed routes of our current roadway system. Thankfully however, multiple covered bridges have been repurposed as tourist attractions and are featured in driving tours in various locations. Perhaps a covered bridge road trip tour may be in your future.

Below, a panorama of four pictures shows in-process glimpses of the development process of this painting.

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Road Trip Development

The four accompanying pictures show four stages of development or “Road Trip”.

I initially drew a grid on my blank canvas to help me with position and perspective. You can see the grid in the top two photos.

As noted, even with the grid my first attempt was too narrow for my liking. It gave the appearance of a single lane bridge. My vision was a two-lane bridge. My second attempt widened the bridge and was closer to what I wanted.

The two bottom picture shows how the painting changed as I experimented with various colors and shading inside the bridge as well as the exiting view of the roadway, trees, and skyline ahead.

Let me know if you like seeing the in-development photos and reading my comments regarding the painting process and progress. You can email your comments to Thanks for your interest. 
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