The painting below is based on Catoctin Creek, located in Catoctin Creek Park at 2929 Sumantown Road, Middletown, MD 21769.

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Catoctin Creek is a 27.9-mile-long tributary of the Potomac River  in Frederick, Maryland, USA. Its source is formed in the Myersville, Maryland area and flows directly south for the entire length of the stream. Catoctin Creek enters the Potomac River east of Brunswick. The stream flows through Catoctin Creek Park. The Catoctin Creek Park is said to be a great place to spend time with family and offers many scenic views.

This painting is based on Internet photographs that showed views of fall colors and mirror-like reflections in the water of the creek. I attempted to capture the variety of colors, trees, bushes, rocks reflected in multiple levels of reflection in the creek water.

I hope you can enjoy this painting and perhaps entice you to visit Catoctin Creek Park. Although I’ve not been there myself, it appears to be a great place to visit and unwind.

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The painting below is titled “Stretch Run” not just because it is my impression of the stretch run of a horse race. This painting took me away from my typical landscape and seascape scenes and challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. I know little about the anatomical structure of horses and even less about horse racing.

This painting was inspired by a photograph in The Baltimore Sun showing horses in the 2018 Preakness, galloping on a muddy track toward the finish line in the fog.

My initial efforts led me away from the race as captured in the photograph to the idea of having horses appear to be galloping directly at you as they entered the stretch run coming out of the final turn. I’ve never been to a horse race but I can imagine the excitement experienced by the fans as the horses thunderously approach and pass viewing stands.

The 2018 Preakness was ran in rainy, cloudy, and foggy conditions. I attempted to capture those conditions for this painting by giving the track suffice a wet, muddy appearance with mud splashing and flying from the hoofs of the horses.

The lower stands are uncovered but the upper portions are glass enclosed. I wanted to give the impression of the fans exposed in the lower stands and fans sheltered inside the glass enclosure. Additionally, I wanted to give the impression of the clouds and fog around the track reflecting off of the glass enclosed grandstands.

I've posted some reference photos on the "Interest and Influence" page to share with you some pictures that influenced this painting.

This was an interesting exercise for me and I hope you enjoy viewing it.

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