Nature’s Light Display

The aurora borealis, aka polar lights, northern lights, or southern lights has fascinated me since childhood. I doubt I’ve ever personally seen an occurrence of this natural light display. However, on one childhood occasion, buddies attempted to convince me that some strange multi-color lights and shapes that quickly appeared and disappeared in the night sky where “northern lights”. I was the youngest member of the group and had no idea what they were talking about but whatever it was that we saw, somehow the image remains in my memory.

The aurora borealis is a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by appearances of lights of reddish, greenish, yellowish colors. The manifestation and blending of these colors against a dark blue blackish night sky is awesome. The lights appear in many different configurations that include shapes that could be described as ribbons, streamers, bursts of light, and more. One description even portrayed the lights as various colored garden hoses.

Although the garden hose image is intriguing, I decided to go with the bursts of light view for my painting below. I hope you can enjoy my impression of the aurora borealis bursts of light as presented in this painting .

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 The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County has selected “Stretch Run” a painting inspired by the 2018 Preakness in Baltimore, MD for the BWI Thurgood Marshall Exhibit 25, titled“Movement”. The show will officially open on Monday, March 18, 2019 and run until July 17, 2018. 

The exhibit is located at BWI airport between concords “C” and “D”.

Please take a look at the 1865 Aurora Borealis painting by Frederic Edwin Church on the Interest and Influence Photos page. I think you’ll see the masterfulness of his abilities in this painting and also find the story behind the painting to be interesting.

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