This painting is named “Doe in Tall Grass”. It is based on a composite of several pictures of the deer population in Maryland consisting of Sika and White-tailed deer. Sika deer were introduced to Maryland’s eastern shore in the early 1900s when a small number of the Sika deer were released on James Island. Over time, Sika deer swam from the island to the eastern shore mainland. Today, Sika deer primarily inhabits Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester counties as well as the Assateague Islands of Maryland and Virginia.

 White-tailed deer are found all across Maryland and are often found co-existing with humans in many suburban neighborhoods. Adult White-tailed deer are about three feet tall at the front shoulders. Males weigh an average of 105 pounds; females average 90 pounds. During the warm months, White-tailed deer possess reddish-brown hair that darkens to a grayish-brown coat with a thick undercoat during the colder months.

 It is my hope that the painting illustrates the beauty as well as some capabilities of these animals. Have you viewed a deer close-up? If you live in an area where there are trees, tall grass, or perhaps a stream, river, or lake, you may have been seen by a deer without seeing it. The doe in this painting shows how deer use their ears like tiny satellite dishes that tip back and forth and roll around to pick up, sort out and lock onto various sounds in the woods, while at the same time, taking advantage of their beauty by blending with the beauty of nature.

Take care everyone.

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