The above picture is of two paintings from a few years ago.

The painting on the left is of an indoor female cat looking at the world beyond her window with wonderment. The painting on the right is a painting titled “Cathedral Mountain” that was digitally exhibited at the Louvre along with many others, thanks to the existence of the Internet and a now defunct organization called “See.Me”.

Much like the cat peering out the window but never experiencing life beyond her indoor environment, I will never be a world traveler. However, the Internet provides the means to explore, discover, and share in a way that I would not be able to experience without its existence.

The purpose of is simply to provide a means for me to share my paintings with you. Obviously, I hope that viewing the web site will generate interest in the paintings. I also hope you find interest and entertainment in the narratives about the paintings.

The most important reason exists is my attempt to offer enjoyment of the paintings and narratives. Hopefully, this site provides you enjoyment and a means to briefly relax and remove whatever stress or irritations you are dealing with at the time. is the best way for me to reach out to others. The web site provides an opportunity to reach people that I would never have reached without it. I receive fulfillment from developing and sharing my paintings.

I’m overjoyed when I hear back from a viewer that a painting pleases them either by the view, perhaps a reminder of the past, or just gives them a moment to escape from the drudgeries of the day.

My intent is to update the site monthly with a featured painting and periodically, a discussion about interests and influences regarding paintings.

Announcements about current exhibits including dates and locations will also be included.

Thank you for visiting Please come back often. I’d really like to read any thoughts you may have about the site and its content. Email me at or contact me on Facebook at