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Welcome to Paintings By Rick  Schimpf 
Featuring original fine art landscapes, seascapes, and much more 
Hello, allow me to tell you a little about myself. 
I’m retired from a career in Information Technology. I’ve had interest in art since a child. I even took a correspondence course when I was a kid - that’s an online course before the days of the Internet. Lessons, directions, and grades were exchanged via “snail mail”- Communications were slow - sometimes weeks between sending off a lesson and getting any type of response returned. I lost interest before completing the course.
As an adult, I dabbled with painting from time to time but only in my retirement have I sustained my focus and efforts to develop my skills. I describe myself as a self-taught, hobbyist painter. I’ve made an occasional sale and have had several paintings exhibited in several local Maryland exhibits. I have also been exhibited nationally. My paintings have received awards and been covered by local and statewide newspapers.
 I hope you can have as much enjoyment viewing my paintings as I have producing them. 
Contact me via email at I'd love to hear from you.