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Exhibited Paintings

The three paintings shown immediately below have been accepted to be  exhibited in the BWI exhibit titled "Winter Memories".  Details about the exhibit will be provided after Thanksgiving.
Noosa National Park at night

Harbor Lake Park

Momma Fox and her kitt going for walk in the woods

Snowy Beach Sunrise

Cougar on a snowy mountain ledge

Chesapeake Sunrise

The paintings below are those that have been exhibited in juried exhibitions
Noosa National Park at night

Noosa National Park At Night

Momma Fox and her kitt going for walk in the woods

Momma Fox And Her Kit

Cougar on a snowy mountain ledge

Cougar On A Snowy Mountain Ledge

Night Storm At Sea

Night Storm At Sea

Evening Tranquility after snow storm in Baltimore

Evening Tranquility

Canyon River View river flows through canyon

Canyon River View

Snow Moon shines over hills at dusk

Snow Moon

Snow covered barn

Snow Covered Barn

Assateaque Island Twins on Shore of Assateaque Island

Assateaque Island Twins

Back Yard Trees as seen by looing straight up at them

Back Yard Trees

Two deer in snow by a stream


Camper alone with  a fire as sunsets.


Annapolis Maryland after a blizzard

Annapolis Snow Day

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Bridge To The Sun

Light from the sky reflects in water below

Dispersion Of Light

Antique plantation house on Pokomoke river

Beverly Plantation House On The Pokomoke River