The painting below is titled “Seasons of Life II- Spring's Renewal” by Mark  Keathley.

A quote of Mark Keathley about this painting “This painting is my latest attempt to depict the joy of life with the little ones that grow up in our presence.... from protection to enjoyment, it is a great season to experience!”

Mark Keathley - Artist Statement - as posted on

Finding a compelling urge to draw even at age 5, Mark Keathley has always been surprised and excited by the magic of creating something out of nothing. “To see a reality 'appear' on a page or a canvas that was not there before has always excited me! Then as the “artiste',” to make it even better or more beautiful with design or light – this is the icing on the cake!” These internal motivators spill over into beautiful landscapes and western or wildlife art which he hopes, “inspires people to rest.” Confessing that life is “too busy for us all these days,” Mark's desire for the viewer or his collector is for them to be so drawn to his work that each viewing gives them a mini vacation of sorts, a moment to ponder and reflect, or even to dream. Mark believes “God created a world so diverse and magnificent that we can mix notes for music or color and design for beauty, even fragrance or spice for taste and do it for eternity and never duplicate what we have heard or seen, or tasted! The joy of “playing” in the medium of paint and “recreating” beautiful things for others to enjoy is where I was gifted, and so I create for your pleasure, too.” Painting is more than just a hobby for Mark Keathley, or something he “does.” It is a passionate pursuit of light, form, line, mass, value, hue and edges that communicate some deeper truth about life or better yet, inspires the viewer to really live.

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